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VM Recline







Modular Blocks Easy Movable Around – No Tools Needed

  • Fast Drying Construction
  • Easily To Take Out Covers, For Example for Washing
  • Possible to Order New Covers - If You Like to Change Color Or Fabric
  • 100% Steel Construction Galvanized
  • Many Setups Available - It is Your Choice!
  • 10 cm of Foam on all Seats

Must-have Sizes For Real Comfortable Outdoor Relax 

1 Seat Chair Size - 160 cm
2 Seat Sofa Size  - 250 cm
3 Seat Sofa Size  - 340 cm

Malibu Outdoor Sofa by Verikon - VM RECLINE

Buy Quality, Not Quantity.

Malibu Outdoor Sofa

Designed and crafted with a special touch that gives you a luxury feeling.

Everything Your Garden Deserves

Make Your GARDEN a Happy Place

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